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It is so common to associate happiness with acquiring a want. A lot of us grew up not being able to get all of the things we wanted and we tend to spend most of our adult lives making up for it. We end up working hard and trying our best to earn e

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Like other programs of physical fitness, yoga requires special types of clothing which should meet its physical demands. It has been found that wearing the proper type of yoga clothes will give you the best results, as it enables th

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Ever shown up to class and realized you already stink, even before slapping down your mat? Hot yogis, I feel your pain. After only a few classes, a funk develops in brand new yoga wear that resists normal laundering. Tech fabrics ar

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Having a hard time catching sleep? Feeling drained after waking up? Our life is always on fast pace leaving our body and minds in a constant state of work. Always rushing after responsibilities, checking your phone from time to time for important